Khelshala Camp

Khelshala, established in 2009, has a vision to change the lives of underprivileged children in India through excellence in Sport, Academics, and Yoga for well-being.  Taking one village at a time, Khelshala encourages the children to pursue their dreams, it strives to broaden their horizons by exposing them to the wonders of education and athletics, instilling in them a sense of curiosity about the world and different cultures. By providing these children this opportunity, it is hoped that through their academic and athletic excellence, they will be able to receive either athletic or academic scholarships to elite secondary schools and ultimately, to Ivy – League Universities and other leading institutions in the world.

Khelshala Social Service Camp

PLAY & improve your game training under Coach Bajwa, former Harvard squash coach & mentor to 8-time world squash champion Jansher Khan… EXPERIENCE the charms of day-to-day life on a rural farm in ‘Incredible India‛… & HELP change a child‛s life, gaining SOCIAL SERVICE credits in the bargain…


Specifically for High School Students from Grade 9 to 12

Program Duration:
1 Week = 20 Hours Social Service
2 Week = 40 Hours Social Service

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